Monday, May 2, 2016

Too Fast

Hey Everyone,

This has been one of the fastest changes in my mission and it is soon coming to a close.  On Monday we had a surprise visit from a missionary that served here just recently.  His name is now Brother Shirley!  So we went out to eat with him and talk about what he's doing now.  Turns out his cousin is Austin Jones who I went to school with since 6th grade.  He is now serving a mission as well!  Small world, huh?

This change we have really been focusing on being as obedient as we can.  We have been trying our best to really have the spirit in every single lesson.  We have really seen the blessings from it here in our area.  We have five people that really could be baptized tomorrow but they all just have  their own challenges so we have been getting people to go over there that are members to help them with their challenges.  For right now our most positive person is Frank!  He is 11 years old and loves the church  he goes to every activity by himself and has lots of friends in the church.  He should be baptized next Sunday.

A couple interesting things happened this week.  The first was that we saw a giant fire in our area - not sure why.  Everyone just acted like it was normal.  We also did interchanges with Elder Mitchell and Elder Pirir.  It was short but we used that time as a teaching moment and to kind of how an example.  I went to the other area and really got to know the investigators.  We finished it by going to the movie night at the church where we showed Meet The Mormons.  We have seen it quite a few times but it's always good!

And for the scariest part of this week was one night we were walking home and a man started walking across the street but he was looking at me crazy like.  I told my companion and when he got behind us HE STARTED RUNNING!  My comp and I freaked out and started running too!  He chased us for two blocks until finally he stopped at a Chinese store abruptly.  We were very scared for the rest of the night...  We call him the long neck Gaulin.  A member told us it was a bird with a long neck and this man had a very long neck.  He reminded me of the Smiling Man on YouTube.  It felt like we were in a scary movie.  

But there is our week.  I love Belize City and can't wait to finish this change by baptizing Frank!

Love you all!
Elder Stiles

QUESTIONS from Kaden:
Do you think you will ever get to drive a car there? I don't think I will because there are only 4 people in the whole mission that get to and those are the assistants to the president.  Well i write in my journal at times and sometimes make some skinny ties but other than that you really don't have any free time as a leader in the mission so its always kind of hectic. but thanks for the questions! i love them!

How big of a bed do you have?  I actually have a big Queen size bed but we don't sleep in our room because it is way too hot in the night.

What do you do at your house in your free time?  Well I write in my journal at times, and sometimes make some skinny ties.  Other than that you really don't have any free time as a leader in the mission so it's always kind of hectic. But thanks for the questions! I love them!

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