Monday, April 25, 2016


Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission 
P.O. Box 1123 
Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

Well Monday we went to a Mayan Temple called Altun Ha.  We had to rent a taxi driver to take us there because it's kind of far away.  Well it was a long day... Our taxi driver was driving very slow and we did not know why until a couple seconds later... BAMM!  One of the tires blew up.  We pulled off to the side of the road and started to change the tire, and he didn't even have an extra tire!  So him and his buddy left us on the side of the road while they went to the next town over to get a tire.  They came back with one that they bought for $10, and it already had a tear in it... so we kept going.  We made it to the temples and we had a guide that was a member so she did it for free.  It was kind of a smaller temple but it was still cool.  After we started back home in the taxi we all of a sudden heard... BAMM!  Another tire blew.  So we had one of the guys take us back to the side of the road while the other guy drove three miles on his axle.  Not sure why he did so but he did.  We ended up having to take a bus all the way to Belize City, and we got back a lot later than we expected to.

Other than that our week was really Good!  We spent a lot of time trying to find news. In our area we have a lot of people that could be baptized whenever they want but just don't want to and we don't understand why.  So this week we are going to bring members to each and everyone of their houses to maybe help them resolve their concerns.  We have learned that a lot of problems that investigators have is more social then it is with the doctrine, and that members can really help with that.

So each and every week we as missionaries do some sort of activity.  Last week my companion and I were in charge of Minute to Win It.  This week Elder Mitchell and Elder Pirir were in charge of Karaoke Night which was a hit as well!  Everyone loved it.  All the missionaries sang!  Elder Simiskey, Hales, Gonzales, and I sand "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, and everyone thought it was funny.  

Well hopefully I will have some good stuff to say next week, and hopefully we will have a baptism of two!

Love, Elder Stiles


How are you??!  I'm doing awesome!!! I love it here and we are working really hard each and everyday!

Where does Wendel and his family get their water, or go to the bathroom?  Umm, there is a pipe in the ground where the whole neighborhood gets their water.  I'm not sure where they use the bathroom...

Does their house have electricity?  No.  Most houses do but theirs doesn't.

Did the sister you were going to baptize last Saturday ever contact you again to tell you why she didn't come?  Well we talked to her and she just says that she has a really big schedule and it just didn't work out. So we are going to try for this week!

What are you doing today for P-Day?  We are going to go to The Princess, an all-you-can eat place. An old elder is here and he is going to take us out to eat!

Where do you buy your food and stuff?  We either buy our food at the China Man and then cook at home, or we go out to eat at a different china place. Just all depends. Today we are going to eat at an All-You-Can-Eat place called The Princess. 

Is soccer the only sport they play there? They mostly just play soccer and basketball.

Are you learning more Kriol each day?  Yeah.  A lot of days we have been trying to speak more and more.  Most of Kriol is the way you pronounce your words.  We learned the word "facey" which means you like to take things without permission.  

What miracles happened this week?  We met a boy named Frank Vasquez who is super cool.  He came to church and brought his sister.  He plans to be baptized in two weeks!

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