Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcome Elder Blair

Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission 
P.O. Box 1123 
Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was definitely a good one.  We started off the week by doing interchanges with the Assistants.  During the day we asked a less active member if she knew anyone we could visit and she told us we should visit her neighbor.  We did and turns out she was a member!  She is 76 years old and she has three grandkids that live with her.  The parents were also members but the dad died and the mom works out on the Islands.  They all accepted a date to get baptized.  So we will be taking the Senior Couples over there to help us get them excited!  We also had a baptism this Sunday with a boy named Frank. He is and 11 year old boy that loves the church!  He comes to every activity.

This Saturday we also did a service project for Brother Barton in the branch.  He is a man from England.  We went out to his farm to build a shade for his plants.  He lives out in the middle of nowhere and he has a ton of Mayan houses on his property that are still under the ground and there are a ton of old broken pottery pieces that he gave me.  While we were there they would cut down sticks and we would carry them.  They would also cut down big palm tree leaves and other leaves to put over the sticks.  Then we tied it all down.  It was actually way cool being able to go out there because it's a part of Belize that nobody gets to see.

Also, every week the missionaries put on an activity for the ward and investigators.  This week's activity was game night.  We brought a bunch of games from the house and we got to know everyone.  This next week we will be doing a Jeopardy game which should be way fun.

An last but not least.. changes!  My companion, Elder Simiskey, will be leaving the city and going to Belmopan!  And my new companion will be coming from Santa Elena, one of my good friends... Elder Blair!!  He is way cool and I'll be happy to show him around the city!  But that's my week!  Bless, Bless. And always be obedient!

Love, Elder Stiles

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We found a baby bird and it reminded me of the episode of Spongebob when they found the clam that couldn't fly cuz this bird couldn't fly either!

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