Monday, May 23, 2016

San Pedro Island

Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission 
P.O. Box 1123 
Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

So this week to start off we did interchanges with the Elders on The Island of San Pedro.  I've been able to work in three countries and an Island!  Super cool opportunity because that's the place where every missionary wants to go.  The island is not what I thought it was going to be at all...  Once you get inland it's almost like you're not on an island because it's very busy.  People drive golf karts everywhere.  The first morning we woke up early to go to the dock to do our workouts and also some yoga.  

We worked in San Mateo which is a part of the island that was added by being built with trash.  They basically took all the trash and put it there, then put sand and dirt on top of it... so it was pretty cool.  

The next morning we woke up early to see the sunrise but there wasn't really one to see so I took some pictures of my name plaque, but in the process a big gust of wind came and knocked my plaque through a tiny hole in the dock!  And I watched as the ENGLISH plaque, that I had waited ten months to get, fell into the water, and dropped to the bottom of the ocean!  So it was a sad hour and a half boat ride back to the mainland.  I  now have to use my Spanish plaque again.  While I was on the island I got a plaque made for me out of wood!  Then I found out I can get it in Kriol.  So I asked for some more!

This week was really good.  We found a lady that really wants to be baptized but she has to get married first.  So we are going to bring the Adams to her and see if they can help her.  Wendel got confirmed this week, and next week will be Lorraine and her son! 

One thing that I really like in a multi-zone conference we just had was a quote, "The real way you can tell if someone is really converted to the gospel is if they share the gospel."  That is so true.  The people that continually share the gospel are the ones that love it the most, and that is what I have come to see the most here on the mission.

I love you all!

Elder Stiles

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