Monday, June 27, 2016

Bienvenido a El Salvador!

Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador/Belize Mision
Apartado Postal #81
Correos Multiplaza, S.S.
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

What a week!  Seemed like a long one but it was filled with so many cool things!  As you knew from last week I got the call to go back to El Salvador which was a blessing!  To celebrate we went and ate at a really nice restaurant called Tavern, and we drove to the beach where we saw dolphins!  A good way to spend the last P-Day in Belize!  We said goodbye to all the members and the recent converts the last day.  Then Tuesday we took the long 45 minute flight to San Salvador, and the first place we got to go to was the Temple!  My most favorite place in the mission.  We got to go do a session inside!  We stayed at the Assistants to the President's house with the new kids that came to the mission.  That night I finally got to know where I was going... I found out that I was going to be companions with Elder Smith from Indiana as Zone Leader of the largest zone in the mission!  

In the mission it's like your life span... for example I was "born" in Sonzacate (my first area), and Elder Gonzalez (my first companion) is my "dad" in the mission.  Because Elder Smith (my current companion) is ending his mission he is "dying", and I am "killing" him.  This is my first time to be with someone who is ending his mission.  But I love Elder Smith!  He is way cool.  We are Zone Leaders as well as District Leaders over the Sister Missionaries.  

Our area is so cool!  It has so many mountains and everything here is green so it looks so beautiful!  The only bad part is that it has rained every day so it's been muddy and wet.  Yesterday both of our umbrellas broke and we had to walk under the rain all day.  So tomorrow I'll have to get another umbrella before it rains again.  When we came home our clothes were soaked and our shoes were filled with water, but it was super fun and a good experience!  I love our zone, and I'm super excited for this change.

With Love, Elder Stiles


What miracles happened this week? We found a super cool family that is going to be preparing to get baptized at the end of next month.

Where is Elder Smith from? Indiana

What is something you have learned about him?  He is very smart and wants to be a professor.

Where is your new area?  La Esperanza

What is the name of your ward/branch?  La Esperanza

How was your ward?  The ward is super cool! We have a ton of active members and they are super amazing with missionary work.

Is your new mission prez there?  He will be here tomorrow!

What is your house like?  Our house is kind of crappy.  There are chickens everywhere and bats live there at night.

How was your flight from Belize?  The flight was really short... 45 min but it was cool to fly with all the other missionaries.

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San Salvador Temple

AP's House

Broken Umbrellas

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