Monday, June 20, 2016

Here I come El Salvador!

Elder Jacob Stiles

El Salvador San Salvador/Belize Mision
Apartado Postal #81
Correos Multiplaza, S.S.
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

Well my time has finally come that I need to go back to El Salvador to finish my mission! I actually am really happy that I will be able to have the opportunity to Speak Spanish again! It's been an awesome ride here in Belize, and I have made so many memories! I'll miss the rice and beans, and the amazing people but one day I'll be able to come back! 

This week I was able to go to San Pedro to drop off my comp to do interchanges and it turns out we ate at a restaurant that had a license plate from Idaho which was really cool! San Pedro is a super cool place to be a missionary and people are really lucky to be able to go there! We were also able to do interchanges with some other missionaries and got to say goodbye to Elder Eggers as he leaves our Zone to go and be Zone leader In Belmopan! We have been working really hard in our area and have been able to find lots of people to teach. We were not able to get anyone to come to church this Sunday because we had a tropical rainstorm and all the streets were flooded. It was tough for us not to get wet and we were in a car the whole time! We ended up with 54 people in church which is a new low... usually we have around 120.  

I Found out I was leaving on Thursday and had to start saying goodbye to everyone so I went and took pictures with the Casteneda Family, The Alverez family, Brayan and Dasey, and the Phillips family!! Also the man that I bought my chicken burgers from at "88".  His name is Andy and he is from China! 

 Well next week I'll be able to let you know more about El Salvador!!!

Love, Elder Stiles


What miracles happened this week?  
A miracle is that I'm going back to El Salvador!

How is your toe doing?  My toe is doing really good.

What is something new you learned about Elder Blair?  
Elder Blair is actually a really good photographer!

Do your feet get soaked when it rains a lot?  
Yeah, well it depends... Yesterday we got  soaked and the streets were flooded to our lower calf!

(click on photos to enlarge)

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