Monday, April 11, 2016

Gimmee Dolla!

Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission 
P.O. Box 1123 
Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

Wow, let me start off by saying this week went by super fast!  Belize City is way crazy!  There are so many moments here where you look at your companion and say, "What the heck?"  There are lots of really cool people as well as crazy people.  

One of the really cool things about here is that there are so many people.  Lots of missionaries come here and have a lot of success in finding positive people.  So far we are really working with three people.  Sister Faber, who we will probably be baptized sometime this week when she is off of work.  Sis Gay, who is a woman we found through a reference, and she loves the church, and wants to make a change in her life.  The last is Andrew, who is a Rosta, and loves us!  He wanted to be baptized this Sunday but we told him he had to wait until he was more ready.

Here everyone asks us for a Dollar.  Whether it's to buy alcohol, weed, or just a dollar juice.  Whenever anybody asks us we just always make sure to ask for one back.  

One miracle that happened this week was that we were really trying to find some new people to baptize so we walked to this area that was pretty far to contact some people.  We came to one house, knocked, and a big Rosta guy came out.  We thought, "Oh man, not another..."  But he invited us in and he was so happy to see us!  He didn't know anything about Mormons.  We shared the Restoration of the Gospel, and he loved it!  He said he believed it was true, and was asking us to baptize him on Sunday.  We told him he had to learn some more.  So next month hopefully he will be baptized.

Here everyone's name is super weird.  Just about any girl with with the name ending in -isha, we have probably met.  And everyone spells their names differently.  So we always have to ask how they spell it.  Also, everyone here speaks pretty hard Kriol.  Some people don't speak English at all so we have to use what we know.  

The people here in the city are either really nice or really mean.  There isn't really any in-between.  Then again, there are so many people we can always find a lot of good people looking to change.  I love this area, and I'm super psyched to be here!

Love you all, 
Elder Stiles


What interesting experiences have you had?  There are lots of things that are interesting here... There is one member that plays the piano, but he looks over the piano each time he plays and figures out who is at church and who isn't.  Then he visits those that didn't come. His name is Bro Munose!

Have you had any funny experiences?  Lots of people like to yell at us while we walk. It's kinda funny.   They profile us and call us Mormons, so we profile them back and say things like, "Kid on a bike!" or " Girl with red hair!"
What is something new you have learned about Elder Simiskey? I learned that he is an amazing missionary, and that he really cares about the people here! He played football.

How long has he been in the mission?  Loooong time! Well, almost 16 months in the mission.

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Elder Simiskey & I

Elder Schlellenberg

Food an investigator made us

Cockroaches we killed

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