Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Like In The Movies

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Have you tried Pupusas de Larocca? 
    I have not tried Pupusas de Larocca because I heard Larocca is gross.

Why haven't you had water for 5 days? 
    Well we didn't have water in the house so we resorted to taking water from the Pilla where we wash our clothes and putting it into a bucket. Then used that to shower. Also we had to use the same water to put in the toilet to flush it. We still don´t know what happened but we have water now!

Did you find the investigators that you met on the bus? 
    We didn´t find the people on the bus. The problem here is that people say their directions like this: "Well I live up the street and to the right a little bit and there is a store across the street. Also there is a dog that is always outside the house", and there are many things wrong with this...
      1. They don't tell what street because they don't have names.
      2. You never know where to turn.
      3. There are at least 2 stores on every street.
      4. And there are literally a billion dogs running around.
    So no we ended up not finding them which is sad.

What is something that you have learned about Elder Calero, like, what does he want to do after his mission?  Haven´t really learned much about Elder  Calero just that he didn't grow up in the church. He doesnt like to talk about home because it makes him baggy haha. Elder C wants to do something with Electrical Engineering.

You need to go with Nora and try the food from here. It's really good! Especially the Pupusas! Well this week was was really good! Something really good here is called Arroz con Leche which is basically just warm milk with rice put it it. Its really good if the people make it right. The first time I tried it I didn't like it at all but after a while I started to like it.

We met a guy that Used to live in Nampa Idaho! He only lived there for 2 years but he played in a Mexican band there and was super excited when I said I was from Idaho. He also makes these things called Minutos which is basically shaved ice with flavoring. But here they do something called Minuto Loco which is shaved ice, Lemon, Chili pepper, and salt. I'm not sure why people would buy it because it's all just hot and doesn't taste very good but Elder Calero likes it.

This week we have 3 people that we have planned to be baptized! There names are Angel, Adonay, and Marvin.  Angel lives with the Rivera Family (Ward mission leader) and Adonay is family.  His son is Marvin. But we will baptized 2 more families this change which will be really cool!

We also got to go to the temple this week because our ward mission leader was getting sealed in the temple! We had everything planned out super well and we were super excited to be able to go and see a sealing! We worked really hard in the morning and left to go to the Temple at 3:00. But the bus was going super slow all the way there. The session started at 5 and the bus stopped in El Salvador at 5... It was just like in the movies. We ran all the way to the temple, passed all the people waiting outside and went inside the temple and looked at the man in the front desk and all he said was "It´s too late" and we just sat down... We didn't get to enter the sealing but while sitting in the temple we just felt this great peace over us and felt happy. We got to see them when they got out and Everyone was super excited! Even though we didn't get to enter it was super awesome! This next coming week we are going to the temple and taking investigators.  We also have a plan to go to the beach next Monday!!

I'll have some great pictures next week!

Love you all!
Elder Stiles :)

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