Monday, August 24, 2015

English Mixed with Spanish & Creole


What type of plane did you fly over in?  I don't remember the plane.

Did any other missionaries go with you? I was the only one.  I was an emergency transfer.

Are there any leaders there who supervise you?  Just the missionaries, and a senior-couple missionaries. The opera singer from Eagle will be our new senior missionary which is cool.  She's the one that led the music that one time.

Who picked you up at the airport?  The senior missionaries and my comp.

Who is your new companion? My new comp is Elder Reyes from Nicaragua.

Was it hard to say goodbye to Elder Calero?  It wasn't too hard because I was too excited about going to Belize.

Where are you living?  We live in a little yellow house in Santa Elena.

What is your house like?  The house is nice just plain.

Do you know why President Hintze chose you to go to Belize at this time?  I'm not sure why he chose me so young in the mish but it's cool he did.

How did you find out that you were going to Belize?  I found out because an assistant called and said that I had to be in San Salv the next day at 8.

What language will you be speaking mostly? We mostly speak English but we also speak Creole and Spanish.

Are you worried that you won't get to practice your Spanish?  Yeah it kinda sucks that I don't talk as much but I'll go back to Salv one day.


Well I'm in Belize! It's super awesome! I got the call Wednesday saying that I needed to be in San Salvador the next day with all my bags so I packed all night and I didn't sleep at all.. I'm not sure if I was too excited or what but we went to San Salv to get all my paperwork done then I went out with a missionary all day. I had to leave a bunch of things behind because my suitcase was too heavy but I'll get it all back when I return to El Salvador!

The plane ride was really short.  We went up and then just went straight back down. The Senior missionaries picked me up and we did all my paperwork so I could be legal and then I went to the house to drop off all my stuff. We went and ate fried chicken and then left to get to know the members. Then we ate with the zone and they are super cool and funny! Here we ride bikes and we also get to use our sunglasses because its sooo hot and bright outside. We had a sports night with all the members and a bunch of people came! A lot of the people here speak Creole and we can't understand them. The Branch is super small and they need a lot of help from the missionaries so basically we are the branch presidency. But everything is new here and we use Spanish and English a lot - a lot of times in the same sentence... like  "bwoi vamos a church"

I've only had a couple days here so not much new. I'll have more next week! love you all!

Elder Stiles


 Goodbye El Salvador

 Street in Belize
 Branch President in Belize

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