Monday, July 27, 2015

La Ponderosa

First the Questions.

What miracles or special experiences have you had this week? Well something that we did experience this week was that we found 2 new investigators on the bus. But what makes it a miracle was that both of them were looking for the missionaries to come and teach them. We got not so good directions to their house but we are going to find them tomorrow!

What is something new you learned from Elder Ochoa?  Most the stuff that we learned from Elder Ochoa was stuff that had to do with missionary work. We learned to have more success in the mission we need to have the mindset that we are going to baptize every week.

Did you eat anything weird this week?  Well yesterday we were eating pupusas and I found two really big chicken bones in them. Wasn't bad just kind of surprising. I also Drank something that one of the members made and it was lemon juice with salt and also hot peppers inside. Everyone else loved it but I'm not sure why... the combination of sour lemons and fiery peppers don't mix well for me.

What did you eat the most of?  This week we mostly ate pupusas. I'm not sure if I've sent a picture of one yet but next week I definitely will.

Who were the women that you sent the picture of last week?  One was a young girl with pink slippers and an older lady with flip-flops.  That picture was a recent convert and her mom. I took a picture because I thought I was leaving this change but I'm still here!

Now The Story

This Week we had changes!! Tuesday night I was waiting for the call that I was leaving the area of the Ponderosa. I was kind of sad because I really love this people in this area but we got the call and turns out that I'm staying here!! Which made me super happy because I've been told that this area is a sacred area and I've been blessed to spend another change here! Elder Calero is still my companion and we are going to do a lot of work this change.

Something that is interesting here is that about at 6 in the morning women start walking around with baskets of fruits, bread, and other foods on their head and yelling as loud as they can about what they have. Then the Men come out with their bicycles and horns selling more bread. Here in El Salvador you're always 1 min away from someone selling bread, a little tienda (store) or a church.  This week we learned how to make elotes or the corn that they have in Nacho Libre. It was pretty awesome. They also cook corn here by just putting the corn on the coals and cooking it but its actually super good with lemon juice and salt! I Also learned how to make tortillas here and I've gotten pretty good! Now I just need to learn how to make Pupusas!

This week we also gave one of our converts (Andy Moran) pants, shirt and a tie so that he can look fresh for church while he blesses the sacrament! Lately its been raining a lot so its been hard to get into people houses so its been kinda a slow week. That's all for this week but thanks for the questions and I love you all!

Elder Stiles

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