Monday, August 10, 2015

Saving Souls & Lives


Should you be eating things made from ice?  I think the ice is fine but idk I haven't had any problems.

Are you just going to eat everything and hope your stomach gets adjusted to all the bugs and worms? Well we kinda just have to eat about everything. Our zone that were in right now everyone has been sick. So it's kinda just this area where you just expect to get sick. You cant really deny food from anyone so it's hard.

What does “baggy” mean?  Baggy = Thinks about home, and/or have the want to go home

What is a pilla? Is it clean?  A pilla is basically a giant bucket full of water where we wash our clothes and stuff, and no, it is not clean.  The only clean water is from bottled water.  We also buy 5 gallon jugs of water for the house.

Do you have any suggestions on how to survive the MTC because some of the missionaries are having a hard time?  My only suggestion is to just know that you won't be in there forever. Just take it day by day. I remember the only thing that got me through was me and my companion just counted the hours until we could eat and sleep. The MTC will be hard and there's not much you can do... Day by day! Tell him I'm sorry!

What are the hardest parts of being a missionary?   The hardest part is just the tiredness of being mentally and physically exhausted... not much bad. Maybe eating food if you're picky.

What has been you biggest trial so far? Biggest trial has just been the language but even that isn't too bad.

Where do you get your hair cut?  Well lately a lady in town has been cutting it. I get my hair cut for $1.50, and as you can expect, for a dollar my hair cut doesn't look too hot; but hey, can't ask for much more.

Do you feed any animals?  We don't really feed too many animals. Just kinda depends on what's going on. We did eat iguana but he was feeding us, haha.

Do the people you teach give you stuff?  Yeah they give us food all the time and sometimes its sketchy.. but they give us stuff too.

Are your shoes worn out?  My shoes are still pretty good! I just noticed that one part is getting kinda rubbed down but not much else.


Well this week was really good! First of all we baptized two more people! One named Adonay and his son Marvin! They are super cool.  They were family with Andy and Sergio! They were just looking to change their lives and come back to church and we just happened to be there to find them! We also had the opportunity to go to the temple and take investigators to it and help them learn about what we do in the temple. We basically just took them and helped them go to a bunch of different stations where they talked about Family History and the History of Temples which was really cool! We also had Interviews with President Hintze which are my favorite! We can ask him whatever questions and he always has an answer! It's really grown my testimony about how people really are called of God and are put in their calling for a reason. But I loved having my interview with him!

We killed an iguana this week and ate it.  They are called "garrobo" which is like a male iguana. It was really good! We had to kill it and skin it ourselves which was kinda gross but super cool! It's super interesting how you do it all but it is kinda too intense for everyone.  We saw a snake the other day and we are thinking about buying one to eat! Just about 10 minutes ago we found a turtle and ended up giving it away to some church lady that wanted to make sangre de tortuga which is turtle blood in English.  Not sure what that is but she says its good!

I went on inter-changes with Elder Maliga this week where I just went in his area and helped him. And Today! We went to the beach which was pretty cool! It's my second time going and it was still super cool.  We didn't do much but eat and play football on the beach but it was awesome!  We couldn't get in the water so basically we just looked in the water.  We had to ride in the bus and it was so cramped that people were riding on the floor. There are waves here but they aren't big.  I don't think they have big waves here.

Oh and I also donated blood to help an investigator for the other Elders... Hence the "Saving Souls and Lives" because he is using it for a surgery.  But it was a crazy day!  Well this whole week was crazy but I sent a lot of pictures so I hope you enjoy them!

Love Elder Stiles!!!!


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