Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey Everyone,

Answers to questions:
Yes, I'm finally starting to feel better!  I got my Medicine the 4th.  We didn't do anything in San Salvador.  Just went to the doctor and then went back to work because we had a ton of stuff to do. 

The family that is going to go to the temple is our ward mission leader and I think that they are going to go to the temple in a couple of weeks so I don't think I will be here. Sad but I'll get over it.
The new house will have air conditioning but for right now we don't have it. The guy is still working on finishing the bathroom.
Haha, no we don't take our shoes off to cool off in a river because then our feet would get wet and then we would have to walk around in wet shoes.
The picture of the turtle was of our ward mission leader's and they have two.. we don't know why but they do.

This week was really good! I don't have much time to write today because we also went to the waterfalls today! Our Fourth of July was really good!  We had our two weddings and baptisms which were really cool and then after these we went to Buffalo Wings to Celebrate the birth of our amazing country! This week was kinda slow again just because I've been really sick but thanks to Sister Hintze I was able to get my medicine and start to get better! She is the BEST!! But we worked really hard to find new investigators to teach this week and we found another couple that wants to get married and they are super cool.  They are 18 and 17 and they believe in the restoration and everything which is really cool after our first lesson with them! We also found another kid that is 18 years old that we are working with to help him get baptized because all of his family is baptized too!

We Went to The Waterfalls this Monday and it took us about an hour to get there. We had to cram ourselves in a bus for the whole ride but after it was a walk right next to a river the whole way! It was about 2 miles but it was pretty flat so not to bad. We saw lots of big spiders which was kind of freaky but they weren't spiders that bite or that were dangerous so it wasn't really that bad. The waterfall was really cool also because it was super tall! I took a picture of me kneeling and everyone said that it looked like the first vision!

That's all for now if anybody has more questions make sure to let me know!

Love you all!! Jake

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