Monday, June 29, 2015

Living With The Parasites

Thanks to all of you who write Jake; I know he loves to hear from you.

Hey Everyone,

This week I have been really sick with parasites.  I first figured out that I had them on Tuesday when I couldn't get out of bed.  My whole body just hurt; like all my muscles.  Having parasites basically just drains all the energy out of you and you can barely do anything.  I have not got medicine yet because I have to take an exam for three continuous days so today is the first day I can take the test. The names of the Parasites are Entamoeba Hisolytica and Endolimax Nana.  The tests cost $27 each and it being the end of the month I don't have any money to take the tests.. but i will get reimbursed.  Right now I feel really crappy but we still go out and work when I can but when we do I can´t do a ton because walking just takes everything out of me. Being sick on the mission is the worst because there is nothing that you can do and all you can do is sit there and read scriptures.

I have not got the scripture covers yet. I should get them tomorrow or on the 8th but the book of Mormon one I got is way cool and you will love it!

We have had a couple pretty cool storms lately and lots of lightning. This 4th of July a couple will be getting married and baptized (well the wife is a member) which is really cool!  A good way to spend the 4th!  His name is Freddy and he is 19 and super cool.  He has been going to Institute for a while now and lives with his girlfriend. We also found 2 more people that aren´t members but they live together and with a big family that are members.  The problem was that they didn't want to get married because they thought it would cost a lot of money but now they are all for it! Sorry this email was short because I was sick but I'll send pics of the house.

Love, Jake

Oh and I held a turtle.

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