Monday, July 13, 2015

Elder Ochoa Visits

I LOVE this kid!  His email is:


Do El Salvadorians do any fireworks for the 4th of July?  El Salvadors basically light fireworks off all the time but they are just random. Mostly just like m80's.
Do you still have to take bucket showers in your new house? 
No our new house has water pressure now which is good.
Do you show pictures of your family to the members or investigators there? 
I show photos a lot of times to people.
Is it hard to show them pictures of the U.S. and where you live when they have so little? 
No.  They love seeing these kinds of photos.

This week we were able to go to San Salvador to listen to Elder Ochoa speak. We had a whole day just with him and got to hear a bunch of cool things. He talked about how since we are missionaries here we can look into the eyes of our investigators and tell what they need in their life and how we can help. He also talked about the importance of teaching the investigators to read the scriptures EVERYDAY and also pray because there is no other way to get them to find their answer and bring happiness to their life and it really is true. We teach the people here that there is a key to happiness and it's the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. And really if you do these steps then it is how you have a good life. I encourage anybody that is looking for something in their life, This is it!  There is no other way people will find something like this in their life. And really people don't understand untill they put it into practice. Here in the mission the happiest I've been is when someone takes the steps to make a difference in their life and chooses to follow these steps. But I know it works!  We worked really hard this week and one of our investigators that we have been teaching since I got here is going to get baptized this weekend! Most of his family is a member and we are going to try and get his brother to be baptized with him! Their names are Andy and Sergio Moran and they are super awesome!

I think that I have gotten rid of most of the parasites because I feel a lot better!

We also started to count the amount of churches in our area. In the square mile of our area we counted 22 churches. Just about one on every corner...

We also met a member that is 59 and runs marathons! 3 years ago he ran a 3 hour marathon time! I dont even think he works because he just uses the money he wins from races to live! His name is Precioso and he is super funny! I'll try and take a pic of him this week!

I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Love Elder Stiles :)

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Elder Calero, Sergio Moran, Elder Stiles

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