Monday, July 20, 2015

What One Question Can Do

Does the man do all of that etching by hand on the scripture covers? His son does all the sketching by hand
Did Andy and Sergio Moran get baptized?  Yes, Sergio and Andy were baptized!
Tell me some more about Elder Calero?  I don't much but I'll tell you what I do know. He Is really good at soccer and he got paid to play.  His family is mostly members.  He has 5 brothers and his dad doesn't have an eye. He is super awesome and remembers just about everything!
Did you get the bathroom finished in your new house?  The bathroom is not finished and I don't know when it will be.
Is the new house in your area or do you still have to walk to your area?  We still have to walk.
Does Presioso know what the Boston Marathon is? I mentioned it but I don't think he knows what it is but i did tell him about it and Robie.
Has Presioso traveled outside of El Salvador to run races?  He has traveled to Mexico and the surrounding countries but no more.


This week was really good! First I'll talk about our baptisms! We baptized Sergio and Andy Moran! They were super awesome.  We didn't know that Sergio wanted to be baptized until I asked him last minute and then he finally made the decision! I feel like this is why I was here because I was always super persistent! and it just shows what one question can do because before he was just saying, "Oh I'll think about it" or "in a little bit" but he finally chose! 

The day we were at his house there was a giant thunderstorm and we had to just go home. All the streets were like rivers and we just had to walk right through them because there was no other way.  We got home drenched.  The next day we had a bunch of appointments but no one was home. Basically we make appointments to teach people the lessons or to do service for them but when they aren't there and we don't have anyone to visit we have to go and contact.  That's where we just go talk to everyone and try and see if they will listen to our message. But this day nobody wanted us and we just kept asking people if they were rejecting Christ and calling everyone to repentance for being hard-hearted but we literally talked to everyone!

Changes are this Wednesday and I think I might leave this change but who knows! I'll miss Elder Calero a lot!  We also got a new guy this week and he spent a year in Mexico and he speaks perfect Spanish. He's super cool and he got a baptism his first week here! And to end I'm really sad because Elder McCleery is leaving for his house... Definitely the best and I'll always remember him!

Love, Elder Stiles!

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