Monday, June 22, 2015

Check Out The Iguana

Hello Everyone,

We only taught our new investigator once because we haven't been able to find her house so... yeah we don't really know much about her.

Elder Calero is actually really cool! At first I was kinda worried about not being able to understand each other but he knows a lot of words in English so all I have to do is ask him what a word is and he can tell me. He has a problem pronouncing the words so he can't speak the language very well but we're working on it.. He is super funny and he always laughs at my jokes so he's pretty cool!.

Yes we have moved into our new house but I don't have any pictures of it yet. It's a lot smaller than our other house but its super nice. It is the only house that has 3 stories and we have a hammock above looking at the Volcano! I'll make sure to send pics.  Elder McCleery and Shill live with us too.  The second story isn't finished so everything is kinda crammed downstairs right now.

My eye is better! Haha, Yeah definitely different! but yeah lots of people know about my experience now... I think even Prez... hahaha

I ordered my scripture covers.  I think they might be more expensive but I have to have them cause my scriptures already broke once. They will be done on the 8th.

This week was a pretty good one! We are doing some great work here with my new Comp! Something interesting that we do is that every week we have Zone Meeting where everybody gets together and we talk about how we can better ourselves.  Also every week we learn a different dance move and each week we put them all together! This weeks move was called The John Wall.

We found a guy named Nelson to teach.  He's really interested in the Gospel so we have been teaching him! We have been working with a family to take them to the temple and get sealed.  Also this 4th of July we're having a wedding and a baptism to make a family!  This week a grandma tried having her grandson pee in a Pepsi bottle right in the middle of church but we stopped her and took her kid to the bathroom!

Our area is right next to a river and we figured that instead of walking all the way around the river its better to just go through it . So I have some cool pictures that I will send! A  lot of the kids here hunt crabs and one of the kids caught this big Iguana and we got to hold it.  It was super cool!  We Helped an old lady cross the street and also took out all the weeds out of the cornfield of a member! Good thing I got some practice doing the same thing at Grandma and Grandpas!

Thanks for everything! Oh and I got the photo from Grandma Maxine and also the shirts package!

Salud, Jake :)

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