Monday, June 8, 2015

Goodbye to Grandpa Bill

If the letter sounds random then it's because I've combined everything that he wrote into one letter.  You can write him at - Thanks for sending him an email even if it is just a short note so he knows you're thinking about him

Hey everyone!First of all I'm doing awesome down here in El Salvador! This week was really good! Our whole district baptized people and it was super cool! Me and my companion have done 11 baptisms this month! My least favorite thing here is called Chuka which means dirty in Spanish. It's a drink that has beans, a pink liquid and chili in it and it's really gross. The weirdest thing has been the dogs here. A lot of them look like zombies and have like mold or something growing on them. Just about the coolest car I've seen has been a Lancer. It had a bunch of aftermarket stuff.  It was dumb compared to what you see in Idaho. Funnest part- volcano. Companion- speaks good Spanish. Something scary that  happened was when someone told us there was gang activity and we had to leave.The Volcano that we went to is Santa Ana which is right next to Izalco! The one we went to was a much easier climb than the other.I've realized the importance of working with the members and inviting their friends to hear the gospel because they are more likely to listen. I've got to confirm a lot of people now.  Between me and my companion we have baptized 11 people. We will most likely get the 2 most baptisms in the mission for our zone. Everyone that we have baptized have been looking for a change in their life. I've baptized the Pulunto family, Hector Vigil, Delmi, Fatima Florez, and Anna and Stefani Ayala. Those are a couple of the names that I have baptized and confirmed. I haven't eaten anything super weird but the food is just different. We cooked something that was rice and milk that's kinda like oatmeal. Our kitchen in our house is just a table with a microwave. We are moving this weekend to a nicer house with an air conditioner. This week was good! Just like all the other ones.  A story this week is we went to an investigators house to see when he wanted to be baptized and he said at 7.  We thought he meant the next day but he wanted to be baptized that day!  So we had to run to the church and get everything ready. Then while we were there a mom of one of the baptisms came in and told us she was going to get baptized too! She then called her Priest and was yelling at him saying she was going to get baptized in the Mormon church.  It was all just super crazy and there were a ton of people there.Oh that's really sad about Grandpa but I know he is in a better place and that he is with our Father.   I kinda had a hard time thinking about him dying on my mission before but now that I have a greater view on the plan that our Father in heaven has for us I know he's in a better place.  Knowing more about the Plan of Salvation has really helped me a lot in the mission.
Thanks for everything!


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