Monday, April 27, 2015

Ants For Breakfast


This week was pretty cool! We got to go to the beach for P-day and it was tons of fun! We ate at this restaurant that was kind of expensive for here but I took some pictures of the beach and I got some sand from it! The beach was super soft and we had to walk through the water because we were stuck in a little part of the beach that we couldn't get out of. So it was really great! Then we went and played soccer with the whole zone and another zone that was there in a really nice soccer arena. We came back from that and we had our FHE where we gave away crabs and potatoes from "Idaho"... not really but they thought it was funny! We got a couple new investigators this week that seem pretty positive but we took one of them to our soccer tournament on Saturday and within the first couple min he slipped and broke his head open and had to go get stitches. This week went by really fast but nothing really happened, just P-day and Saturday was super fun.

That's super cool! that you met her grandpa! (Jake is referring to a patient of mine who's granddaughter is serving in the same mission named Sister Kramer). I don't know her but everyone else does but I'll make sure to let her know!  Sorry I don't have a ton of pictures because here we can't use our camera much or it will make us a target and we will get robbed. And plus we can't take pictures of much things because if someone sees them and it's from a gang or something then we could get thrown in jail... I sent all the pictures I was able to take but yeah the water was super blue. Not like Belize but still super cool! Elder Gonzalez was in San Pedro for a super long time in Belize and we know a couple of the same people! In one email next week could you send some of the pictures from the first part of my Belize trip to show Gonzalez and see if he recognizes any of the pics? Just from the first ones because that's when we were in San Pedro.

Were going to the store to buy our food for the week and were going to a place that's like the DI but a lot cheaper and has everything! It's called Megaboutique and everything is insanely cheap. I'm going to try and get a hammock because that's one of the big things is to get a hammock and take it with you. 

This morning I ate cereal with these tiny ant things in it because I'm out of money and had nothing else to eat but we get money today and I think those ants had lots of protein in them so its alright! haha 

Love Elder Stiles

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