Monday, April 20, 2015

Chicken Raffle

Hey everyone!

This week went by super slow because we had to drop a bunch of baptism dates which was disappointing but its ok because we found two families that are super positive! This week we focused a lot on building our relationship with the members and we found a lot of people that are ready to listen to the gospel! We do this raffle that helps us get references and every family night we give a prize.  This last week was Chickens! named Elder Gonzales and Elder Stiles. Sorry I cant send many pictures because we can't take many. Today we are going to the beach so next week I should have a better email! Sorry this weeks was short but I'll make sure next weeks is good.

The following is a list of questions Jeff asked Jake & his responses:

Is the pile of trash outside and/or a permanent fixture at your apartment? Well We "accidentally" burnt it all in our house so now most of its gone.

How is the Spanish coming? It's going good. I'm starting to understand a lot more but still need work!

Has the food gotten any better? Yeah the food is pretty good we just have to choose wisely what we eat.

How has the weather been? Well it's been kinda rainy which sucks cause every time it rains it's super hot after.

What is the coolest thing you've seen so far? Well we see lots of foresty areas. We had to go to this one place and we had to cross a river on a tiny bridge. Super pretty here.

Do you realize what a great work you're doing? Yeah the work here is amazing and I'm so glad I've gotten this opportunity! Thanks soo much.

Love, Elder Stiles

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