Monday, April 6, 2015


On Monday after I wrote we had to go teach a lesson and they decided that they were going to feed us.. and they gave us soo much food! One of the biggest things here is plantains and they  gave us 4. The most anyone eats is 2.  Once we left their house my companion threw up all the way to our next appt.  Then once we got there we had to eat chocobananos which is terrible because the culture here it is disrespectful to not eat everything on the plate or not eat something they give you.  We both just had to go home after and we felt sick all the next day. It was just too much food.

There were two crazy storms this week.  The first one happened right when we had to leave the ward mission leaders house. Then we started hearing gunshots from a couple houses down but nobody freaked out so maybe it's just normal here...  The second one there was lightning a mile away. It was so close. We ended up having to leave our backpacks at the house and just get soaked.

This week was Semana Santa which all the Catholics would block all the streets and have their parades.

It's funny that you mention the grasshopper because this week we saw one dead and we couldn't believe what we saw... Then like an hour later we saw another one and it flew into this giant metal sign and about knocked it off! It was literally the size of a banana! They're probably in the walls of our house.

We got to take investigators to the temple and it was super cool. The work has been super slow because we are opening an area. But if everything goes as planned we will have a baptism next week!

Our church building is really nice and big and we have around 130 people that attend our ward. I understand a lot about the gospel in Spanish. It's just hard to completely understand everything.

Some of the homes that we visit are just little brick houses with tin stuff around it. We try to get referrals because it's hard to get into people's houses but they all believe in God. Here we basically ask them if they want to go to heaven or hell because that's the only way they will take it seriously.  We got to listen to conference in English for the missionaries. My favorite talk was from Wilford W. Anderson talking about the music and how we need to feel the music! We had to watch it in the chapel because most people don't have money for cable.

Haha, something I've learned here is that the mission gives you enough money to get by not to be happy. So the simple stuff is really the best!

Thanks mom! I would send a pic of my pants but I already patched them up. The stitching in these pants are not very good. They are falling apart some places and you can see the whiteness of my garments haha.  Good thing I don't have anybody to impress here... Oh and I thought you would enjoy this.. Literally nobody can sing here.. NOBODY! Including Me but sometimes its funny to listen to. Sacrament is like a bunch of dying cats! I can use an ATM and I have my code.

Love, Elder Stiles 

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