Monday, April 13, 2015

Enjoy the Music

Here is Jake's letter he sent today.  The second and third paragraphs are him answering all of our questions so that is why it sounds so random.  

You can mail letters to him at:
Elder Jacob Tyler Stiles
MisiÓn El Salvador San Salvador Oeste/Belice
Postal #81, Correos Multiplaza

San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

or email him at:

Hey Everyone,

This week we went to San Salvador for a training meeting for my companion and it was pretty cool.  They always show movies on the bus.  The first one was some dumb movie and the second one was American Sniper (we may or may not have watched them) but our Mission prez said if there is a movie on the buses or music to just enjoy it while it lasts haha. We went and ate Wendy's again and to keep myself from getting sick again I only got a half pound burger instead of a 3/4 pound.. I still ended up getting sick but that's OK cause it was delicious. We have a ton of people progressing getting ready for baptism and another kid that wants to serve a mission. I got the post card from mom this week from the Utah trip. Gonzalez stood up on the bus and said our message and we handed out over 35 pamphlets so now we just have to hope that they get baptized haha. Our laundry lady washed my comps clothes with his red towel and turned all his shirts pink.

If you could send another email cause I still have to scroll up over all the pictures.. I guess I'll forgive you this time for only sending 2 pictures mom!! What the heck your supposed to be the good example haha. Gonzalez spoke no Spanish before the mish. Yes I could watch a video if you could send it. I can only send 2 pics at a time, sorry. The only thing that I really need from home is stuff I can't get here.  It would be better to just have money here because it would cost more to send it when I could just buy it. I would like mostly just memorabilia stuff. Now the thing I miss most is pictures of everyone so maybe a flashcard with a bunch of pictures that I could look at on my camera. We get the Ensign. I don't know if the storm we had was worse then the one at Warr's cabin.  It was pretty bad. The only thing is that the place we're at is kind of run down so it's really messy when it storms and gets insanely hot. I'm not sure if Elder G. is used to the guns but nobody seemed to mind so I don't think its a prob. Haha, no bugs in the walls cause its all cement. Well I'm not sure what the investigators are really like cause I cant understand them.... I'll be taking a picture of a family tonight so I'll send a pic of the people. No, I haven't received the Dear Elders yet.  I haven't used any personal money yet but its always nice to have money to get something like a tie or just something like snacks for the week.  My diet consists of bread, cereal, quesadillas, tuna and juice. Haha you would sound like an angel if you sang in the choir here;) I need to see if I can find a smaller backpack because my black one is really big. I love my other bag and wear it every other day. I should of brought my camels back because those are really good to have here. And yes I have pictures. 

We go to the gym everyday here and workout for an hour before study time. Spanish is still really hard because all the people that talk in our area have hard Spanish because its super run down. Time usually goes by fast but yesterday just seemed to drag on.  People don't grow gardens because they barely have houses so they cant grow much. They eat a lot of chicken. There are not really any cool animals but crazy looking werewolf dogs that are dying, and lots of chickens just run around the street. We were fed papusas last night but they were good cause they just had cheese in them. Well the thing is that every area you go to you will get sick because you have to get accustomed to the food and nobody really washes their hands so who knows... My companion loves plantains but he says you have to eat a lot of them. Oh and grandpa told me to watch out for chupacabras and told me how to know if one is around and what to do if I see one so I think I'm going to be safe haha. We are going to go buy some chickens soon for a raffle we're doing to get investigators.  Sorry I cant take more pics. We can only take pictures on P day cause we don't want to get robbed and get our camera stolen. And if we take pictures of stuff we have to move them to a different card because if someone sees them (and if it's of a gang place or like one of the MS13 buses) we could be put in jail. So we cant take a bunch of pics.
Oh, and a Spanish word that they use here is Chucho for dog instead of perro so there is a new name for Max haha.

Love Elder Stiles  

(Click on the photos to enlarge them)

Jake's House.
 I'm hoping this pic is when they first moved in and they aren't living like this.
 Elder Gonzalez taking a nap.
 Bus to San Salvador.
 Houses of investigators.
 Church building.
 Elder McCleery.

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