Monday, May 4, 2015

House Hunters International

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This week on House Hunters international we travel to Sonzacate, El Salvador.  We are looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath that doesn't flood every time it rains. We think we found one but we don't know when we are moving into our new house. I cant take a picture of the gym but just imagine our gym at home just really crappy. We can do just about any exercise but it's just crappy. Well part of black stuff on the walls might be mold but it might just be marks from the "accidental" fire... The crabs and potatoes we were giving away last week were just the prize we gave for whoever gave us the most references. Well the baptisms are coming I just don't know when... I bought the Hammock and it cost me $30 but it should last my whole mission. The pictures of the beach were when we first got there so we still had on our white shirts and ties. We changed into shorts when we got to the beach. I just had a Burger at the restaurant at the beach because it was the cheapest thing there. Our investigator that cracked his head open is fine I think. Remind me next week to tell you about my schedule. Well we went exploring this week and found a waterfall.

We had changes this week and Elder Gonzalez is still my comp. Elder McCleery and Scheel are living with us now but our house is too crappy to live in so we have to move.. We might be able to go to a Volcano next week. We have a new investigator that we have to travel through a jungle to get to his house which is super cool. We can also get suits made super cheap here.

Our gym owner came to the gym this last week super high, and brought his iguana that he just shaved with a razor the whole time.. We were like, "Is he scraping the skin or something?", but oh no, he had a razor and was shaving it.   He was just out of it.. all he did was stare at his lizard.  Weird

Love, Elder Stiles 

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