Monday, October 5, 2015

President Monson Is A Boss

Jake's birthday is October 17.  His address is below if you can send him a card - that would be awesome!

Elder Jacob Stiles
PO Box 79
San Ignacio, Cayo
Belize, Central America

Hey Everyone,

Well this week just about nothing happened again.  We have been trying to talk with everyone but no one really wants to listen. The highlights of the week were going to Belize City For a Multi-Zone conference where all the missionaries go to Belize to listen to President Hintze! Which was really cool! We talked about "Calling Upon The Powers of Heaven". Then the second most amazing thing was General Conference! My favorite session was the Priesthood session! Really powerful! President Monson is just a boss about dying during his final testimony but hung in there! It's amazing that he is still kicking and testifying about this gospel!

I met the founder of Skull Candy. We literally just mix all the food we can together. Yesterday I had cereal with chocolate milk inside and also put baby powder to make it thicker.  Oh and I still make up words. Just like in my scout interview...

I'll send a pic of what happens when it rains and we ride our bikes, The Multi-Zone, Me and another elder, and one with Elder Smith,  what our agenda looks like, our desks, my desk, kitchen, the cutest boy ever, and part of our area.

Also I met Dwayne Wades cousin.Oh, I also got threatened to be shot twice this week!

Sorry it's short but I love you all!!!!!!!!

Elda Stiles


How is Elder Leslie doing?  Are his injuries healing OK?  Elder Leslie is doing fine! He still has his stitches in and we're not sure when he needs to take them out. But other than that he has been a little sick with allergies but he is awesome!

What was your favorite Conference Talk?  My favorite talk was Elder Christofferson.  Mostly because it has to deal with the missionary work. Lots of people just believe that if you are baptized and your not a terrible person than you are fine to go up to heaven. People just don't understand here.

Why do you think more people in El Salvador were willing to listen to your message and get baptized than those in Belize? Well here in Belize it's supposed to be the opposite. You are supposed to baptize a ton here. I guess it all just depends on where you are at. The hardest thing here in Belize is that people just don't want to go to church.  It doesn't matter if you tell them that there will be a prize there or anything. The people just don't like commitment here...  Also we have to convince people that "BOB MARLEY WAS NOT A PROPHET!!" It's hard for them to believe but it's true.. NOT a prophet.

Who washes your clothes?  There is a member that washes our clothes for $50 Belize for the month.

Do you still drink bottled water?  We buy big 5 gallon jugs of water but we have to drink purified water.

How often to you clean your house?  We clean our house every Monday. When I got here it was really bad and we still have a lot of work to do.

Do you always get along with your companions?  I always get along with my companions!  I have always been given good companions!

Are you teaching anyone or any families the discussions?  Well we are teaching a man named Umer and he is really cool! He really wants to know the truth and other than that we don't really have anybody that is super positive right now.

Do you eat in member's homes very often?  We don't really eat at members' homes as much here. In El Salv that was just how it was... People loved to eat there.     

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