Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Jake!

Hey Everyone,

Well first of all I thought that your card really was funny! Reminded me of Max! We didn't really do anything for my birthday but we went over to one of the member's houses and we had cake! And after that Elder Leslie treated me to some pupusas at an El Salvadorian restaurant! Which were delicious! Makes me Miss El Salvador!

My hand isn't as big any more! I got some medicine to make it go down. We went to change meeting and when I was there it was soo big that it just felt like it was going to explode! It was noticeable in person but it was really hard to get a good picture of it that made it look as crazy as it was. Mostly was just how dense it was!

When we made pancakes with the family we just made pancakes normally with the mix and, yeah, they are a super cool family that we are hoping will get married! They didn't have the syrup so we just bought it at the china man.

The amount of people that we have been having in church has just been dropping mostly because elections are going on. This last week we had 32 people in church... The Branch is really small and right now we are mostly just trying to get enough people to give them callings to try and strengthen the branch. Lately we have found a ton of less-actives that we are trying to get back in church so they can hold a calling. A lot of people have fell away from the church because they didn't get a chance to be involved in the church.  A lot of people want to have the opportunity to speak in church or even hold a calling. We also found a lot of people that have read the Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants just because.. not for like a religious purpose... but just to do it.  But we are hoping that in 2 weeks we will have our first baptism! Keep us in your prayers!

P.S. and Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Loved the E-Mails and the Cards!

Love you all! Elder Stiles!

Elder Jacob Stiles
PO Box 79
San Ignacio, Cayo
Belize, Central America

Happy Birthday Jake!

 Jake's "enlarged" left hand

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