Monday, October 26, 2015

Expired Cookies

Hey Everyone,

First the Questions:

How much did it cost you to get your birthday package?  My package cost about $14 BZD to get out,  but only because the lady there is friends with the missionaries.

What were your favorite things you got in you birthday package?  One of my favorite things was the Tie Tack! Super nice to have and it also looks really cool! When we ride our bikes my tie goes crazy!

What is the China Man where you bought the syrup?  Is that the name of a store?  The china man is just like the type of store. The Chinese people here own all the big stores so when we say china man it's just like a super market.

Is the baptism that we are keeping in our prayers for a man, woman, child, or a family? Well the baptism that we were supposed to have this week was supposed to happen but "Tiffany" went to Belize City so she wasn't able to go to church. So I guess we're looking at next week if she gets back! She is super cool! She used to be 'Anglican' before but when we told her about the Plan of Salvation she wanted it to be true and she believes it's the true church. She is a single mom that lives with her one kid at home!

How is your arm? Did you ever figure out what caused the infection?  And about my arm.. Its happening again! It started getting bigger again so today I have a 3 hour trip to the city to get an ultra sound to figure out what is wrong with it. Also my foot is acting up as well so we've got some problems here...

Now the Story:

This week has been really slow.. We have found a lot of people that might be able to progress and really think that this might be the true church. Something cool that happened was that the sisters had a baptism, and this week we had 48 people in church which was really awesome! Not as much as we have been having but now that the elections are wrapping up people have more time to do things. Literally everybody here in our area works for the people that are running for office and they just go around trying to get people to vote for that person so we cant find anybody. 

We went to this store that sells expired food.  So we bought 64 packages of cookies!

This weeks email will be short because we have to go to Belize City but hopefully next week we will have a baptism!

Wish us luck! 

Love Elder Stiles!

Elder Jacob Stiles
PO Box 79
San Ignacio, Cayo
Belize, Central America

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