Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Elephantiasis - JK

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Hey Everyone,

Well this week not really much happened.  My bike has broken all week so I finally just bought an air pump and just put it on my bike so whenever my tire goes flat I can just fill it up.
We went over to one of our investigators house and made pancakes for them!  It was super fun and they really enjoyed it!
This last Monday we went to play Frisbee golf for our P-Day.  It was tons of fun!  I can't explain how many times my Frisbee just went straight off into the woods...
This week was just filled with tons of work.  We got 2 Less actives to church which was well needed because one of them knows so much about the church and we could get a branch mission leader!  We also got a lady named Tiffany to church and she wants to find out which church is true.
I also got Elephantiasis this week.  I woke up one day with bumps on my arm and now its huge!!  Just kidding it's not really elephantiasis but it looks like a marshmallow.  It's just an infection but I got some meds to help me with it.  We spent just about all yesterday just sitting in the house because my arm felt like it was going to explode. Got lots of scripture reading done and going in depth in the Book of Mormon!  So much interesting stories here!
We'll see how my birthday is!


Did you use baby powder or baby formula in your cereal?  Please tell me it was formula because baby powder smells sweet but would taste awful. -  Yes, I did use baby formula! This week I made toast with maple syrup on it.

Do you like your calendar?   -  I love my calendar!
Why did you get threatened to get shot twice this week?  -  Well one of them was just thinking he was being funny talking about how we are on God's side and we shouldn't be worried if we died, and the other guy was drunk.

Love Elder Stiles 

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P-Day Frisbee Golf

We made pancakes

Hand on the right has Elephantiasis (not really but it is swollen)

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