Monday, September 7, 2015

Cayo Beach...Not Really A Beach


Does Charlie follow you when you go places?  No Charlie just chills at our house most the time. He usually greets us when we come home at night and wake up. 

Is the house you are living in the same house that other missionaries have lived in?  Yes, our house it the same as the others. 

What did you think about the rocks from the Meridian Temple site that was in your package?  The Rocks were super cool. I think that it was a really good idea. A lot because there is no temple here it would be a good reminder to the people! 

Tell me about your companion, and about some of the members, and some of your investigators.  My comp is super cool he is from Springville Utah. He used to play football and I'm pretty sure he was like All State or something like that but he is really humble and he really loves the people here. The members are super awesome here some of the Best I've seen! President Moody is the best! He has such a strong testimony and does everything for everyone! Our investigators are super cool too! They have super cool testimonies and we are trying to find all the people are ready. They live very humbly and are really funny. 

Have you been eating weird things?  Not really weird things. It's pretty normal.  We eat lots of oatmeal. 

Do you remember Elder Chapman, Elder Wright, and Elder Edralin?  Yes, I remember them all!

The Story:

Well this week was super cool! Hardest I've ever worked in all my mission! We ride around everywhere and talk with literally everyone on the streets. We have focused on doing short quick lessons to find the people that are ready and if they accept it we know we can go back. Lots of people have been fighting with us and lots of people have just a hard heart. So hard that even if Jesus told them himself they just don't have the faith which I feel like is crazy. A couple days ago was that we had a discussion between a 7th day missionary and a Mennonite. In the end they both rejected to pray to their Father in Heaven and ask him if our message was true and it was super sad. Just like before it's the saddest I've ever been is when people just straight up reject our message.

The Monday Before we went to Cayo Beach! Which wasn't really a beach.  It was a pond that was really muddy.. It looked super cool if you weren't a missionary! We built Sand Castles!

Not much happened just because we are trying to get to know our area but we will have an awesome week this week!

Love you all!!
Elder Stiles 

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