Monday, September 14, 2015

Party Week

Hey Everyone,

Jake's birthday is coming up on October 17.  I'm gong to send him a package this coming Friday.  I would love to send him a bunch of birthday cards from everyone in the package - I know he would love it!  If you have a card that I can include, or photos (He says pictures are the Best!), or if you want to send him a little gift then could you bring it to me by this Thursday.  I can even come pick it up if you want.

Thanks! Angie

PS:  I'm really noticing from Jake's letters that he's having a hard time separating the languages.  I uses words in his letters that don't really make sense to me and he says it's because he is always listening and speaking Spanish, bad English, and Creole that is all spoken together in the same sentences.  It's pretty funny!


Where do you go  to write your emails each week?  We write our emails in a library which is nice cause it has A/C and fast computers.

Can you take more pictures there is Belize?  Umm, here in Belize we can take our camera with us everywhere but its harder to take pics cause we are always on our bikes... so it's harder at times.

What is your companions name? My companions name is Elder Leslie


Well this week was basically the party week... Not for us but for the whole country of Belize (Belize Independence Celebrations). Which for half of the week we had to be inside the house at 6 pm. So that really put a damper on our days when we heard about that. But this week was really good... we talked to so many people and found a ton of people that were crazy positive so I hope that we can get them progressing soon. The only problem is that people don't want to come to church here it seems like. Not much happened this week because it seemed like most the time we spent just studying the scriptures and other books we have in the house because of our curfew but it went good! The only thing that wasn't the best was that everyone is busy so its hard to find people in our plan. One of our jobs is to visit the recent converts or the less actives.  The problem is that there aren't much so we have been going around everywhere to try and find them!

One thing that was funny that happened this week was we were teaching a lesson when all of a sudden we heard someone yelling and one of the girls just said, "Oh no, it's Rambo Man again!"  We looked over and there was a shirtless, drunk man standing on the wall with a machete. One of the girls went and yelled at him to go away but he got mad a threw his machete. He was so far away it just landed in the grass and he jumped over the other side of the wall. Kinda weird but it was super funny! Also my comp and I were delivering chicken so we were going down this really big hill and my comp had one hand on the chicken and one on the bike and when he hit the curb he went flying over the bike and basically did a superman slide till he hit the curb! He was fine but he scraped up his arms and ripped two holes in his pants. He completely ruined his shirt but it was really cool and he is fine now!

That's basically what happened this week! oh and the pics are of a bridge, the sisters fixing up the elders battle wounds and me with a Rasta Man.

Love you guys!

Elder Stiles!

(click on photos to enlarge)

Battle of St. George's Caye Day Celebration

Jake's House


Elder Leslie after his bike accident

Jake & Rasta Man

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