Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dash Dat Beer Brotha

Jake's birthday is October 17.  I know he would love, love it if you were able to send him a birthday card!  He says that in the mission field it is so awesome to get actual snail-mail!  It can take 2-4 weeks for it to arrive in Belize.  You can pick up an international stamp at the post office for $1.20. 

Thanks! Angie

Elder Jacob Stiles
PO Box  79
San Ignacio, Cayo
Belize, Central America


Hey Everyone,

Well so I'll start off at P-Day! We went to the branch president's farm in a place called Bullet Tree. They have a lot of land and we ate chicken with beans and tortillas. They were cooked really good and with some Belize BBQ sauce! I didn't have any other shirt or shorts, and neither did my companion so we just wore the shorts of another kid. We chased around a cow and some of the girls stuck their feet in the river.

This week was super slow.. Like the slowest week in the mission because no one was home and we just went from house to house and nobody... One thing that I really like was I was reading in the talk that President Firmage gave, that I sent a picture of, and it's about the importance of the Book of Mormon in your life. One thing I like is that if you study the B of M for 30 min every day like it says you simply won't have the temptation of evil in your life.  And I can testify that that is true. This book is so important and sometimes I feel like people underestimate it. It was literally a book put together FOR our day so we can endure this life and it's so amazing! Everyone should study it as much as they can and I promise you will see your happiness increase! 

But also Yesterday was Independence day here in Belize! Super cool experience but nothing really got done.. We tried working but everyone was drunk so it was an interesting and slow day.  We went to a member's house to talk to him as the parade went on and it was super bad... Well it was good in the sense that it was well put together but the fact that everyone was drinking and smoking was bad.  Also, every girl from the ages 12 to like 30 that danced and was in the parade twerking so we didn't see most of it.. The day mostly consisted of us passing out Word of Wisdom pamphlets and telling people to stop drinking and doing stupid things. The interesting part was you go up to someone and look them in the eyes and say "Dash Dat Beer Brotha" and a lot of them do it.  All in all I'm glad it's over because hopefully people will actually be home. Super happy this week! Also my comps bike broke yesterday so we were foot missionaries for the day!

I sent a pic of Creole pamphlet from the Jehovah Witnesses so you guys can get a picture of how it looks like. I sent a pic of my missionary box that includes my scriptures, pamphlets and a pass along B of M.  Also another picture because here in Belize this is how we picture the Missionaries in the states (haha)  because no one here has a couch.  We mostly just sit on buckets...

Love Elda Stiles

...and that's what they call us here is "Elda"


So what did you guys get to do for the holiday?  Holidays were kinda sucky cause no one was home.  So finally we can work all day! Super excited.

Did you ever run into Rambo Man again? We never saw rambo man again.  Guess it was a one time thing.

Was Elder Leslie carrying a live chicken, or a dead chicken, or one that had already been butchered?  The chicken he was carrying was a frozen one.

(click on photos to enlarge)

 P-Day at Bullet Tree

This is how we picture Missionaries in the States because no one here has a couch... We mostly just sit on buckets.

 Creole pamphlet from the Jehovah's Witnesses

Letter from President Firmage and the Star Stake Presidency

Missionary box that includes my scriptures, pamphlets and a pass along B of M

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