Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey Everyone,

This week was really slow..  We did have our first Multi-Zone meeting where we got to hear from Prez Hintze! which is my favorite! We didn't do anything very cool because everyone in our house has been sick this whole week.. We've had to just rest because we literally don't have any strength to do anything.. We all have to go to the hospital and give them a sample of our.. umm... #2... but one of  the Elders tested positive to have parasites so I think we might all have them; but hey, at least I've lost a bunch of weight! We have 6 baptism dates for this month! and 2 families which is amazing because in a year I can go and see them get sealed in the Temple! We do have 1 fam and a 12 year old girl that want to get baptized this weekend!

Here are the answers to your questions:

How much do you have to pay to have someone do your laundry? We pay 3 dollars a week
Do you have any investigators who want to be baptized? Yes, we have 3 baptism dates this week!
Have you moved into your new house? We found a new place but we can't move in until the other people move out.

Love, Elder Stiles

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