Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Went To The Market

Finally nice to get an email from you guys! ;) Well this week wasn't that crazy but we got to go to the market! Before we left one of the guys came in and told me that my mission was changed to Panama... but then after thirty min of freaking out he came in and told me that he was just kidding. We went to downtown to go to a market where they just had lots of trinkets and stuff so nothing that would of been really useful. But it was way cool! It was all underground and there were like 4 stories! People were always trying to get us to look at their stuff but little did they know we had no idea what they were talking about. After that we went to Wendy's and it was probably the greatest thing ever because after eating rice and beans for 4 weeks it kinda gets old. After I ordered all my food I realized that when I got it I didn’t get anything that I asked for.. they must of misunderstood me or something. After Wendy's we went to a Catholic church and it was pretty crazy! but also really depressing. We went to the plaza after and talked to people and handed out Book of Mormons. Me and my companion talked to 3 people. The first was not very interested. The second people we talked to already had a Book of Mormon so we just shared a message with them and after having no luck we talked to a really old guy that may or may not have been crazy.. But either way we were able to give away a BoM! We thought our Spanish was really good until we got out there and realized that is actually really bad and can't understand anyone.. But I'm so ready to get out in the field and start changing peoples lives for the better! Sorry my emails aren’t very long. It's hard to have anything to say when we do the same thing every day. Next week will be better! One interesting thing I saw on the way to the market was some guys fixing a light post but they didn’t have anything to put the ladder on. So they just had like 10 people holding the ladder on the bottom and had some poor guy at the top wobbling back and forth..

Love, Elder Stiles

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