Monday, March 2, 2015

2 More Weeks!

Here is Jake's email this week.  So awesome to hear from him each week but he caught us by surprise by writing us a day early.  There is a new picture attached.  Just some explanations:  Nortes apparently means Northerners. MTC Devo is a devotional talk given by Elder Bednar.  Prez. Cox is his MTC President. The talk Jake referred to by Elder Holland is titled Safety for the Soul.  It is also a Mormon Message titled "Testimony of The Book of Mormon" by Jeffrey R. Holland.  It is an awesome little video.

Hey, So we got to write a day early because tomorrow we are going to be running around the town of Guatemala! I'll get to that in a bit. So first of all I'll start with were I ripped my pants last week... Kinda like in Spongebob but it was down the side below my pocket. I really hope they can last me two years. We had to have a sewing class taught by the Hermanas, and me... cause apparently I'm the only other one that knows how to sew stuff. And I'm not sure what kind of weird traditions they have down here because lately everyone has been setting off fireworks. Like at 5 in the morning... I think it might just be some kind of sick joke.. haha but when I first woke up to it the first time I could of sworn they were just gunshots. I was so tired I didn't even care at first, but after 20 min of it I had to go check it out and that's when I realized they were just fireworks. We had our first fast Sunday here and it was the longest Sunday ever. Don't get me wrong it was so amazing but there is only so much Personal study you can do.. One Spiritual experience that I thought was cool was that us Nortes were watching a MTC Devo by Bednar and we got about halfway through and it stopped working. We tried everything to get it to work. We even had the computer wiz come over and help us and he said it was just to scratched and we were going to have to watch it in Spanish. But that wasn't stopping Elder Magalei! He got up and told us we were going to have a prayer and if we had faith that it was going to work. So we all got on our knees and said a prayer and when we put it back in it played perfectly! "The church is true" - Elder Stiles. We are two weeks away from  being in the field and I know I'm going to miss my zone so much! We already making our reunion! Tomorrow we get to go to Wendy's and I'm pretty sure were going to buy the whole store out. After that we get to go to the market with the 2 weekers and buy stuff and hand out Book of Mormons! We just had a talk by Prez. Cox and every time he talks it just makes us want to get out there and do stuff! I can't explain how pumped I am! We are now the big boys on top! Its so funny when the new guys have to have us translate for them and they don't know how to talk. Our Spanish is pretty good as long as we can understand them. We can talk the gospel really well. One thing I would like you to look up is the talk by Elder Holland. I think its called the Testimony of the Book of Mormon. So powerful and I know it's true. There is absolutely no way that those men could find the faith they had in that book if they didn't KNOW it was true. I'll have more for you next week!

Love, Elder Stiles

Oh and also I finally got my mail. Only 20 days for me to get dear elder! I also want to let the young women know I got their package and it was the greatest surprise ever because I was so hungry and that candy was amazing! Also make sure to tell Montana that I do know who she is haha. At first I thought the whole package was from her and I was like what the heck, my bros friend sends me a package but my family doesn't?! haha but it was amazing! Letters are the best to get!

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