Monday, March 30, 2015

Super Sick

Well This week went by really fast! Seems like yesterday that we emailed last! Well this week I got super sick from the food down here and one day I couldn't even leave the house. I may or may not have thrown up in the street but that's just because I'm working hard haha. We got to go to Temple this week and do a session in Spanish and I didn't understand anything. We cleaned up most the house but mostly just live in harmony with all the other creatures.. There were other missionaries in our area but they all left and just put us in so we have to get to know everybody. We are just in the Ponderosa ward and our area is probably like half of a square mile. Still haven't gotten the packages you sent me. Sorry my email isn't very long this week. Nothing really happened cause I was sick. Dad would love it here because everyone here has a big loud annoying muffler a fake plastic hood scoop and a billion stickers and they are all crap cars. But its ok cause they all have big spoilers which make them so much cooler! ;) Mom you would love it too because we get chased by dogs all the time. There are stray dogs everywhere and they are called chuchos. We had to burn a bunch of clothes and we set off the fire alarm in our house. Oh and one last thing; one of the guys here is Elder Naillon and he coached Triden in wrestling!  He's from Caldwell!

Love, Jake

One of the pictures is of a street.  The other is of my companion talking to a lady with a white cloth on her head (they think the clothes make them receive revelation).  And the last one is in the park.

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