Monday, March 23, 2015

Dead Lizard

Hey everyone! 

So I'm doing amazing here in the mission! My Companion (or my dad:) His named Elder Gonzalez and he is from Utah and has some amazing Spanish! Couldn't ask for a better First companion! 

I would also like to congratulate Preston on leaving for his mission tomorrow! 

First of all I'll start off by talking about my house! Its really big and pink! That's about the only good thing about it haha. When we got there, there was rotting food on the ground, trashed clothes, dirty dishes, Birds in our ceiling, a family of cockroaches that live in the drain of our shower, spiders everywhere.  The Latinos put the used toilet paper next to the toilet, and birds constantly fly in our house. OH and we also found a dead lizard in our fridge! We're living the life! Dad and Chase would love it here! 

Papusas are the most popular thing here and they are amazing! Me and my companion both got papusas and drinks for $1.40 and $5 is a lot of money to carry around here.

We are brand new missionaries here and so we don't really know anyone, but this area is supposed to be blessed and a humble area. But there are certain places that we can't go after six cause people would probably kill us but its ok cause we have the Lord on our side! There is this crazy lady that we have to walk by all the time to get to the bishop's house and if we talk to her she will swear at us and throw rocks at us. I tell people I'm from Chalatenango because that's where the white Latinos are from. My name now is pronounced Es-Steal-es because that's how it sounds in Spanish. We give out candy to all the kids so it makes up for my crappy Spanish! Its super weird here because on guy we taught, as we said the prayer, he prayed too with is arm at the square yelling things at us.. But all in all I love this place and I know we are doing the right thing!

Love, Elder Stiles 

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