Monday, July 11, 2016

English Classes

Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador/Belize Mision
Apartado Postal #81
Correos Multiplaza, S.S.
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

We started the week off by doing a Family Home Evening at Sister Maria's house who is a recent convert of two months, and she is the best!  She does her FHE's, visiting teaching, and goes with us to visit our investigators.  We did a FHE of talents, and had everyone show a talent.  Elder Smith sung, and I showed  them some magic tricks.  They thought it was the best!  

We have been focusing so much on our investigators these past couple weeks because this area has so much potential.  We have quite a few people that are preparing to be baptized in a couple weeks and actually a new family we are hoping to get baptized before Elder Smith leaves.  

President Adams is really going to be focusing on planning and really using our time wisely so I'm happy to be able to put what he says into practice.  This next Tuesday we should be having a meeting with him.  The Assistants to the President have been telling us that we are becoming the hardest working zone, and that we are doing awesome.  So we are going to do even better this week!

Every Tuesday and Friday we teach English class, and we have been working with our students a lot.  We even visit a couple of them and have some lessons in English a couple times a week.  We have had some really spiritual experiences - Some of the most spiritual ones I've had in my mission.  As missionaries we rely on the Spirit so much.  Really nothing gets done without the Spirit.

Some cool things that have happened was when we were teaching a lady, and while explaining the Great Apostasy, Elder Smith thought he needs to have her read the first paragraph... two seconds later I had the impression to have her read the first paragraph also.  Things like that happen, and then we have so many people committed to coming to church, but then the devil has his hands in our area... Lots of people didn't come to church due to small little things... But we had four people come to church which was super cool... And we had 30 more members in church than we usually do!  Super excited for this week!

Love, Elder Stiles


Are you feeling better? I am feeling a lot better! Gracias a Dios

What kind of treatment did you get for your infection? Well I couldn't drink anything for 6 hours, and then couldn't eat for 24 hours. I had to take a medicine for 2 times a day for 5 days, and now I feel so much better!

Did you move to a new house? We haven't found a new house... the only houses are to expensive or too crappy.

What is something new you learned this week? Well this week me and my comp were talking about all the missing books in the Bible and how in the Bible it talks about the book of Enoch and it's not even found... what a blessing it is too have modern revelation and actually have the words of Enoch!

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Pizza Hut

Playing Chubby Bunny with our District

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