Monday, July 18, 2016

Back And Forth To San Salvador

Elder Jacob Stiles 
El Salvador San Salvador/Belize Mision
Apartado Postal #81
Correos Multiplaza, S.S.
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Hey Everyone,

It's definitely not as crazy here in El Salvador as it is in Belize, but I love it here!  This week we didn't get to work in our area as much as we were hoping but in the end it all turned out good! 

On Tuesday we had to go to San Salvador for a leadership meeting with President Adams.  We had to wake up really early to get there on time.  We learned a lot about the things that President Adams wants us to focus on in our zones.  Most of it included being better planners and being worthy to have the Spirit during the day.  After that we went to Wendy's to get a softy... because they are just sooo good!  

Then one day later I got a call saying we had to go back to San Salvador to get my police records taken out... And once again we set off to San Salvador, but this time we were there ALL DAY!!  The whole day I spent standing in line for papers while my companion stayed in the church office.  It was a really hard day because there was nothing to do, and we wanted to be in our area working so bad.  After spending 11 hours in San Salvador we finally made it back for dinner and got soaked by the rainstorm.

The next day we had our Zone Meeting where we talked about the leadership meeting, and the things that we're going to focus on this change.  It was a really good meeting and we had a lot of fun. 

Then the next day, Saturday, we had our interviews with President Adams.  We thought it was going to start at 9:00 and get over at 12:30.  Instead it started at 2:00 and didn't end until 8:00 for us.  As the Zone Leaders we went last and had to wait for everyone else to go.  But the interviews were so good, and I got a lot of really good advice from President Adams.  

In all that's three days taken from our area, including the most important day... Saturday... the day we use to make sure everyone comes to church.  Thanks to God we had a miracle, and we had seven investigators in church!  Three of them that should be baptized at the end of this month.  So we're hoping Elder Smith will go out with a bang his last change.

It's been a blessing serving with Elder Smith and as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  Wish us luck this week.

Love, Elder Stiles


What miracles happened this week?  A
 miracle was that 7 people came to church, and 3 different families.

What is something new you learned about Elder Smith? I learned that he is super smart and knows a ton about crazy doctrinal stuff about the church.

Are you feeling OK?  As of this second I'm feeling fine! We will see how I feel in a couple days...(haha)

What is the most interesting landmark in your area? The most interesting is probably the rolling green hills. They are all over and they are just beautiful!

Are there a lot of gangs where you are living?  Umm, I know there are but we don't see them much. They do run the little motor taxis that we take everyday.

Have you met President and Sister Adams yet?  Yeah, we had interviews with them 2 days ago and they are the best!

Do you get sore?  No, never really get too sore, every once and a while from doing exercises in the morning,

Do the bats fly at you?  
The bats fly at us in the street but not in the house.

Do you ever get scared in the area your in?  
No I've never gotten scared here. It's pretty low key here.

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Jake w/ Elder Smith


Care package from Home

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