Monday, January 18, 2016

Cahal Pech

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was super cool!  first of all on our P-Day we were able to go to Cahal Pech which is  Mayan Ruin that is like a five minute walk from our house.  It's not the biggest but it was way cool.  We got to go through the rooms and climb all the way to the top.  Some of the rooms they had were where they buried their kings.  San Ignacio is one of the most popular places for people to visit because there is so much to do here with the Ruins so close.

The people in our district are super cool.  My companion and me live in the same house as the Zone Leaders who are Elder Tejeda from the Dominican Republic and Elder Hansen who is from Missouri.  Our area is very hilly so we get tired pretty fast.  We have been working really hard talking to everyone.  We have finally found two kids that are interested in coming to church that we should be able to baptize before we leave.  President Hintze say that we should only be here for five weeks until we get to go to a different area. 

The Alicos, who are one pair of Senior Couples, are here with us and they are the best.  They found me a pillow which they drove all around Belize to find.  Apparently not much use for pillows here.  I was just sleeping on my airplane pillow for the past week. 

We've been getting to know our area better and better each day.  Our area used to be part of the sisters' area so they showed us some investigators and some short cuts through the jungle.  We also finally got a Branch Mission Leader so we went over to his bar that he closed down and painted the inside so he can turn it into a Chinese Restaurant.  Every Saturday they do  a market down below San Ignacio where they sell clothes, food and souvenirs.  So we went and got pupusas which were 4x as expensive as normal.  All in all it was a very good week.  There were 26 news people found here in a week which is the most the zone Leaders have seen in while (Note from Angie: Not really sure what that last sentence meant except maybe there were a lot of media around because of the reporter that was found murdered in his area.)

The plan is to go to another Mayan Ruin today which is about ten minutes away.  This week we will be having a World Wide Missionary Conference so it should be pretty interesting!  Elder Freeman is loving Belize!  Even though he can't understand Kriol... But I love my companion!  He is Awesome!

With Love, Elder Stiles

Is it any different in your mission then it was before?  The only thing that's different is the new people here in Belize.

What was the first thing you ate in El Salvador?  The first thing I ate in El Salvador was Wendys.

Does your testimony feel any stronger after being home?  I do feel like it's better because I have a better appreciation for the mission and the work we do.

Does your new house have air conditioning?  NO, our house does not have air conditioning.
How long has Elder Freeman been out in the mission?  He has been out for 5 and one half months.

What is his first name?  His first name is Parker.

What is something interesting you learned about him?  He won state for swimming which is pretty cool!

(click on photos to enlarge)

Restaurant we ate at.

Houses of Belize

Actual Homes in Belize

The church building

Shortcut through the jungle

Making the Bar into a Chinese Restaurant

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