Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would give you all an update on my condition.  As most of you know I saw Dr. Kropf on November 12.  After he reviewed the blood work I had done in Belize he agreed that I should continue with the antibiotics to treat cellulitis .  That weekend my arm got really swollen again with a lot of little welts and lines in my arm that would come and go.  On Sunday a friend of ours was able to get us an appointment with Dr. Coffman who in an infectious disease doc.  I went in the next day and had blood drawn, then saw Dr. Coffman on Wednesday the 18th.  The new blood work and my symptoms all indicated that I have parasitic worms living in my arm!  Probably Toxocara and Strongyloid worms.  He prescribed me a medication that I took for two days. He drew more blood to send off to a lab that will test for other worms also.  Hopefully this week I'll get the labs back, and then probably more medication to kill the "Hatchlings"!  Then hopefully I'll get cleared - then back off to El Salvador/Belize!

While I've been home I've  been blessed to have many opportunities of service! I received a calling to be an advisory to the Young Men to help them see the importance of serving a mission.  I've been serving in the Temple, The Bishops Storehouse, and many other activities! I've gotten the chance to go and talk to the friends and family.  We came to the conclusion that I was brought home for some work that needed to be done here at home. I feel that with this whole situation that I'm in the Lord's hands and he wants me to do something here. I'm thankful for all the Love, prayers and concern that I have received while being home from everyone!

Love, Jake

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  1. Such a positive and trusting outlook! That's the best way to live life. Good luck to getting those little womies and hatchlings (ew) out! : )