Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey Everyone

This week was pretty cool! First thing cool is all the languages we have encountered in 3 months! Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Kriol, English, German, Garifuna, Spanish, Quche and Ebo. Lots of different things her in Belize.

We had 60 people in church this week, which was awesome. Elder Leslie and I brought 5 investigators! We Found this Rosta man,  and this other family that speaks both English and Spanish so when we teach them lessons we have to teach in both languages.
For a spiritual experience, we went to go look for a guy named John. And we walk up to this house and start yelling "John!" and out walks this guy.. and he asks, " Who sent you here?" and us being missionaries we yelled "Jesus!".  He got really excited and said hold on I'll be right down. Turns out, John had just gotten done saying a prayer asking God to send someone to talk to him. He was thinking that one of the members sent us because he talked to one last night so it was expected... but we hadn't even talked to the member so we wouldn't have even known!   Super cool guy.  He was baptized 13 years ago and is starting to come back to church! 

We met some really cool Italians that thought we were going to help them sell weed wackers but when we told them no they stormed off. 

Well this week I've decided that I'm just going to stick with Mac and cheese because it's easy and pretty cheap so that will be my new food of the week!

Not a super long email because we had to go to Belize city today to the doctor to check up my arm.  Now they think I have a staff infection or something and they gave me a bunch of pills to take.  I'll be fine so don't worry!  We also ate at a buffet restaurant that cost us $20 BZD which is expensive. 

Thanks for all the messages everyone!

Are you having any more problems with your arm and ankle?  Well my arm swollen up again
but my ankle is doing fine now!

Are you still taking your antibiotics? Yes Mom, I am still taking my medicine - 2 times a day. 

Did you ever figure out how you got the infection or maybe sprained your ankle?  No, they 
don't know what happened. They now think that it might be a staff infection.

How are A and his mom?  Well  We are still working with them.. They didn't come to church this last week because they were gone but we will see if they come back.

Are you still practicing your Spanish? I am still practicing my Spanish. I read in the BoM 
every night in Spanish before I go to bed.

What do you speak most days - English, Kriol, Spanish?  We mostly speak English. Kriol is more of just to open up the people's hearts and to make us look cool.

What kind of service to you perform?  We Raked a bunch of leaves this week. Not sure why but everyone was raking.

Do your church meetings typically run long or short or do they follow the same pattern as 
our church meetings do? The meetings run just the same time as usual.

How do most people get to church - drive, walk, bikes, bus?  Most people have to walk to 
church. There are only two people with cars. 

Did you get you Nike socks in your birthday box?  Haha, yeah I got the Nike socks! Super 

Is your Ceviche-investigator working on making changes so he can get baptized?  The 
cevivhe was actually made out of gizzard.  Yes, he is trying.  We have some things we have to 
work on with him.

Did you learn anything new about the area you are serving in and how they are related to the Nephites or Lamanites? Well the ruin Lamani... Laminites.... coincidence, I think not... it 
was an actual name found on the temple.

Did you get your tie and your Nike socks in your birthday box?  And, yes, magically the tie 
and the socks were still in it!

Bless Meh Breddas!

Elder Stiles

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