Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey Everyone

Hey everyone!

First of all I'm sorry if my spelling is not the best. The Mtc is amazing! Here it is called the CCM. Things got crazy right from the start! it has been nothing but nonstop work. but man it is amazing! On my first flight to LA they said that they had a problem with one of the wings but then it passed all the tests so we ended up flying out on time! Nothing really exciting happened on the flight. Not even sleep while we flew to Guatemala. So when we got to the ccm we got to sleep for a couple hours. I made a couple friends in Utah and met the rest of my group in LA. My very first flight I got to sit next to the window and the other two flights were on the isle seat. My last meal was a $15 sandwich from the airport just about the cheapest I could find... Before I forget Dad, if you end up sending a package if you could send a picture of my truck that would be awesome and maybe if there is one of Clay that would be awesome! My gate to Guatemala was right next to where we got off. The plane was pretty cool. We had a tv, movies and games which I was so "happy" to refrain from... I did take some pictures. The ones of me on the plane, in the city, the CCM and I also took a picture of the tire of the bus which made the tires on the truck look brand new. it had NO tread. like it was flat, rubber was falling off and there were rips right in the middle. I'm not sure how it was still on. It is pretty boring without my phone but we  kept busy. The things we do the most are counting down the time we have till we can eat breakfast lunch and dinner. and also when we can go to bed. Sleep is something I wish I had more of because it is really hard to keep awake. My companero is way cool. He is also about as big as Gary Callis. We eat lunch with the Latinos and we try and practice our Spanish with them. Most the time my vocab involves "mas dispacio" which means slow down, then "que significa" which is what does that mean and finally "no se" which is idk. so basically we ask them "renaldo or messi" and then that's it. A lot of the time I just take a shot in the dark and say "si" laugh with them and then walk away hoping they didn't ask me anything weird. Some of the two that we eat with are elder Garcia and elder Pineda because they are the funniest and can get mostly what we say. We went to the temple today which was amazing! Well I don't have any more time to say anything so just some things to wrap it up. Mom and dad I know you love emailing me everyday but its really hard to read 7 different emails talking about the same thing so if you could just write one on that Monday wrapping up everything you want to tell me that would be awesome:) then have the kids write me a separate email. Make sure to send me lots of pictures because that is one of the most exciting things! Cant wait to write next week!

love Elder Stiles

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