Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I've Made It

I made it to the MtC alive! Delta is not my favorite airline but I did get a picture in the captains seat! They took our cameras and sd cards so I wont be able to send any pictures home for 6 weeks... Ive only got like 2 hours of sleep so I can't really get what I want to say out. Guatemala is pretty crazy. They have a police officer with a military shotgun on every street corner. Every car has dents and everything looks very run down. The temple is right across the street and it looks so amazing. They are so awesome here and very welcoming. All the kids that I came down with are way cool too. We only have 5 min to say stuff but I'll have more to say on our P-Day (on Monday I think)... Well things are gettin' real

Love, Elder Stiles

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