Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week Two

Hey everyone!
So I'll start out with my companion. His name is Elder Buhrley and he is from highland Utah and we have a lot in common. We try and play lots of basketball when we have free time. There is just me and 3 other Hermanas going to my mission. Hopefully tomorrow when we get our new group there are some more going to my mission. I still have no idea what the CCM stands for mostly cause we don't really even have time to ask. We do work for 16 hours each day and if we don't get to bed at 10:30 then we don't get any sleep. They keep the cameras for the whole MTC because they said they don't want people taking pictures of people in the shower... whatever that means.  The food is really good but for all of us Elders it feels like they are trying to starve us for the mission field. They serve just about any food you can think here but you just get whatever they make. I don't remember if i said anything about the volcano or not but we had to close our windows because there was ash everywhere. Some of the elders said they heard it but I'm not so sure how much I believe them. The cars are really interesting down her. All of them are either cars like mine or they are a BMW or Mercedes. And they are just different. I don't know how to explain it. I finally opened everyone's letters they gave me because we had a 15 min free time on Sunday and I loved it! All the Latinos left yesterday and it was really sad. My friend Elder Garcia gave me a tie and I felt like I had to give him one of mine so I gave him my green tie. We sung Until We Meet Again and it was really powerful. Such an amazing experience. Can't wait for the new ones to come in! After Emailing our zone is going to ball up the other elders in a game of basketball so wish us luck! Emailing is hard cause the keyboards are Spanish ones and they make no sense and have of them are broken so sorry if I don't email long.
Love Elder Stiles

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