Monday, February 15, 2016

Jaguars and Clock Makers

Hey Everyone,

This was a really good week!  We started out by going to the zoo last Monday... and, no, I was not able to get my head licked by the jaguar.  The people that were going to split  the price with me ended up not going so maybe next time.  We saw deer, tapir, spider monkeys, vultures, toucan, speckled owl, ocelot, howler monkeys, puma, pelican, crocodile, jaguar, weird monkey squirrels, black jaguar, and harpy eagle.  By far one of the coolest things that was there was the jaguars!  We got so close to them.  We could of stuck our hand in the cage but I didn't want to get my hand bitten off so I decided otherwise.  There wasn't a ton of animals there but the ones we did see were crazy!  It was a once in a lifetime thing being able to see the animals up so close.  The big thing about why we went to the zoo was because Elder Tejeda had never been to a zoo before in his life so everything he saw was so exciting for him.  We were also kind of pushed on time so we had to hurry.

During the week we went up to an investigators house to teach him and turns out he owns a bunch of birds that they have saved from different accidents they had been in.  One had been hit by a car, one was blind in one eye, and one didn't know he was a bird... Don't ask me how he knew that but I trust him.  I don't know what kind of birds most of them were but he had a falcon and also another speckled owl which was amazing.  We got to hold a tiny rat.  We got to walk the birds which I probably won't ever get to do that again. 

We had a going-away bonfire for Elder Tejeda.  Elder Hansen and I made a video for Sister Alico about the family tree to the song of "Finding Your Cousin".  We ate pupusas Sunday morning at a less active members house. 

We had District Conference, or Stake Conference for those back home.  The Conference was way awesome!  I love hearing President and Sister Hintze talk.  One quote I like was by Vuter ( a French poet), and he said, "I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe works without a clock maker." 

Well the time has come... I am being moved away from Elder Freeman... but not too far because I will now be his District Leader in Bullet Tree!  I'm still in the same zone but just a little farther away!  It was unexpected because President Hintze said we would most likely stay together.  Starting Tuesday my new companion will be Elder Tuchan from Guatemala. He speaks a lee bit of English but mostly Spanish.  He is super cool and I'm way excited!  I'm so excited for this opportunity for leadership!

Well that's all for this week.  Stay tuned for next week.

Love, Elder Stiles

What was the best part of the week?  The best part of the week was the zoo!

What miracle happened this week?  A girl named Chelsea who is 8 is going to be baptized this week because her dad is coming home.

When is your next change?  The Change is tomorrow and I'll be District Leader in the same zone. So I will be over Elder Freeman and still see him!

Why do you walk instead of riding bikes?  We walk cause they took the bikes away!  No more bikes... too many people were getting hurt, i.e Elder Leslie

Did you have to eat anything yucky this week?  No we don't really eat anything gross because no one feeds us here.

Are the roads paved or is everything dirt?  Most are dirt here but there are some paved roads.

How do your shoes get so much mud on them?  Well, they get muddy cause when it rains, dirt turns into mud so that's kinda just how things work. (haha)

Are you able to speak Spanish much?  Well I wasn't before but now I will be going into a Spanish Area! 

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