Monday, February 1, 2016

Quinten L. Cook Visits Belize

Hello Everyone,

Well this week was one of the coolest weeks!  For P-Day we went to the Branch Mission Leaders house and we ate BBQ and played Uno and soccer.  I also learned that a lot of people like Chicken Feet... but not me.  I got attacked by a random wasp that stung me.

January 26 was an amazing day!  First of all we had to wake up at 5am to go to Belize city to have a Missionary Multi-Zone Conference with Elder Quinten L. Cook (member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles).  We got there and we had breakfast which was these cinnamon roll things and these croissants.  We then took pictures.  We listened to President Hintze, Elder Ochoa, Sister Cook and Elder Cook.

Prez Hintze - Talked about calling on the powers of Heaven, and how in these days we are able to see visions, and how we must find our reason for being her on the mission.

Elder Ochoa - Did an example of our purpose here and explained how everything we do is part of our purpose - "Teach and Baptize Converts".  And how if the way we act/dress/talk gets us away from our purpose then we NEED to change it.

Sister Cook - "The only thing more powerful than truth is truth in a musical setting."  She then led us in "Hark All Ye Nations."

Elder Cook - The church is set up in a way so that everyone can receive help.  Elder Cook also said, "It is no small thing to be an Emissary of the Savior."   THE END

We found this really cool guy that works for a bird place and he takes care of birds.  He has a bunch of snakes and he brought them out for us to hold.  At one time the snake went all the way into Elder Freeman's pocket.

We had our interviews with President Hintze.  We also painted a school.  It was an Anglican school, and we painted a big part of it for service.  One of he brothers in the ward does service projects all the time with the missionaries.  

The pictures of the two people are Christopher (who is preparing to be baptized).  Also, Mama Jackson (who is a recent convert).  Mama Jackson gave me  this cool carving of the Mayan Goddess of Healing which was very nice of her.  Next, the food - you can see the traditional Fried Chicken dinner and Stuffed Jacks.  Stuffed Jacks have meat and cheese in them and are cooked in oil... Healthy, I know.

Today we will be going to the Zoo here in Belize.  I'll finally be able to see my first Jaguar!

Love you all, 
Elder Stiles 

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Teaching in the streets of Belize

Elder Cook

Mama Jackson


Painting the Anglican School

Fried Chicken Dinner

Stuffed Jacks

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